Managing Perks

Make the most of out Flare for your workplace by customising your benefits program by adding your own events, perks, and benefits to your employee's Flare app. This page provides a step-by-step guide on how to use Flare admin to customise your benefits program.


About Perks

As an admin in your Flare account, you can easily manage perks through Benefits Manager > Perks > Perks Manager. Manage your workplace perks by
  • Switching perks on and off
  • Featuring certain perks
  • Adding your own custom perks
To switch perks on and off, use the toggle on the right of each perk. This will remove the visibility of the perk for users.
To feature certain perks, click the star ⭐ icon. You can feature up to three perks, which will appear on:
  1. The Benefits tab of the web browser under "Featured Perks"
  2. The Flare app home screen
  3. The top Perks tab in the Discover section of the Flare app.
Enhance your workplace benefits program by adding your own Custom perks:
  1. Go to Perks Manager
  2. Click 'Add new'
  3. Add the perk details
  4. Click 'Add'
By default, new Custom Perks are enabled, but you can toggle them off at the bottom of the screen. If you don't enable a perk immediately, you can do so later using Perks Manager.
To edit or remove a Custom Perk:
  1. Go to Perks Manager
  2. Click 'Edit' for the perk you want to change or remove
  3. Edit the perk details and click 'Save', or click 'Delete' to remove the perk.

While editing or adding a perk, you can preview it by clicking the 'Preview' button

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